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Korean Children Clothing Size Conversion Table
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KAKAO FRIENDS KF94 KIDS MASK 1PACK Mini Leggings 9호 그레이 FrancFranc Micky Plate and Utensil Set (White/Pink) (will ship within 1 week)
Pink Ruffle Sleeve Top  (Size : 9 - 5~6T) White Snow Skirt Leggings (T6/T7) Bubble Blouse (Ivory/Pink) (Size : 9 - 5~6T)
CanCan Dress- Mustard (Size; 9 (Age5~6) ) Double Layered Dress (Green/Purple) (Size : 9 - 5~6T) Golgi Leggings (Navy/Pink) (Size : 9 - 5~6T)
Pom Pom Skirt Leggings (Pink/Gray) (Age5~6) Pink Dot Dress (Age5~6) Denim Skirt Leggings (Size; 9/11)
Pink Dot Dress (Age5~6)
Our Price: $49.00
Frill Top (Pink/Ivory) (Size : 9 - 5~6T) (Pre-Order) Long T (will ship within 1~2 weeks) (Back-Order; 2nd Reorder) Luxury Stud Safari (S/M/L) (will ship within 1~2 weeks)
White Bear Knee Socks (3~4T) Pink Lace Knee Socks (6~7T) Ivory Lace Knee Socks (6~7T)
Gray Tutu Skirt Leggings Frill Box T (IndiPink/Ivory) Two Ruffle Tank Top
Gray Tutu Skirt Leggings
Our Price: $39.00
Two Ruffle Tank Top
Our Price: $29.00
Bottom Ruffle Top lace Leggings (7부) (9호; 4T) Pocket T (Blue/IndiPink)
Bottom Ruffle Top
Our Price: $29.00
Pocket T (Blue/IndiPink)
Our Price: $14.00
Pink 3/4 Leggings (9호; 4T) Blue Raglan T (13;8T/15;10T) Luxury Washing Cotton Side Vent Long T (Ivory/SkyBlue/Charcoal) (S/M)
Washing Cotton Mickey T (Beige/Gray) (9호; 4T) Mint ShaSha Skirt (2T/3T/4T) Pink ShaSha Skirt (2T/3T)
Pink ShaSha Skirt (2T/3T)
Our Price: $13.50