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(~11/13) Rex Rabbit Neck Down Padding (Gray/Beige/Black) (will ship within 1~2 weeks) (Best; 2nd Reorder) Charcoal Lambswool Shawl Vest (Best; 2nd Reorder) Ivory Basic Cardigan
(Pre-Order) Luxury Raccoon Vest (will ship within 1~2 weeks) (Best; 3rd Reorder) Oatmeal Vest (Must-Have! Best; Back-Order; 2nd Reorder) Beige Clean Side Button Round Knit and Cardigan Set (will ship within 1~2 weeks)
(Best; 2nd Reorder) Charcoal Washing Cotton 100 Zipper Jacket (Best; 2nd Reorder) Beige Washing Cotton 100 Coat (Best; 3rd Reorder) Pink Belt Cardigan
(Best; 2nd Reorder) SkyBlue Summer Line Cardigan (Best; 2nd Reorder) Oatmeal Linen Jacket (Best; 2nd Reorder) Ivory Lace Jacket
(Pre-Order) SkyBlue Hand Made Short Coat (Pre-Order) Green Hand Made Short Coat (Best; 2nd Reorder) Beige One Button Jacket
(Best; 2nd Reorder) White Summer Rayon Shawl Cardigan (Best; 3rd Reorder) Gray Double Button Summer Jacket (Pre-Order) One Button Linen Jacket
(2nd Reorder) SkyBlue Linen Line Jacket (Pre-Order) Navy Linen Short Jacket (will ship within 1~2 weeks) Double Jacket (Gray/BlackNavy)
SKyBlue Clean Jacket (Pre-Order) Luxury Fabric Unbalanced Jacket (will ship within 1~2 weeks) Black Zip Up Jacket
(Best; 2nd Reorder) Charcoal Coating Cotton Trench Jacket (2nd Reorder) Beige Cute Sleeve Wool 100 Handmade Coat (2nd Reorder) Khaki Twisted Vest Cardigan
(2nd Reorder) Gray Inside Bonding Coat Charcoal Round Neck Jacket Inside Quilted Light Coat